Fishing Report June 2017

Well Winter has come upon us with a vengeance. The temperatures around Eucumbene and Tantangara have been freezing of a night and BIG frosts in the mornings.

This is however great news for the fishing fraternity as the cold weather brings on the Trout. For those of you brave enough to rug up and sit on a bank with a campfire burning the rewards have been very good with some excellent trout both rainbow and browns being weighed in. The overcast days mean that bank fishing can be done all day with good results. The favourite bait at the moment is Chunky Cheese, orange power bait or the old favourite scrub worms.

I had a couple of guys today who caught 7 nice fish off the bank in Yens Bay and one of those was with a yabby found in a discarded can.

With the onslaught of good rains it is best to try and look for the run offs into the Lake and throw your bait on the edges of the mud trails. This is where the fish are looking for grubs or worms basically anything washed into the dam.

Tantangara is fishing really well from the bank with the above baits.

Trolling early morning or late afternoon is producing some nice catches. The go to places are still Coppermine and White Rocks.

Trolling along Josie Crowes has been fruitful for some. The Anglers arm is showing masses of fish on the sounder but they are not interested in taking the lures, they are heading up river for the spawn and only have that on their mind.

Middling bank and Buckenderra have reported some nice catches.

Tassie’s, atomics, flat fish and blades seem to be the go.

When the water is churning up along the bank and the weather is to say the least not very nice that is exactly the time to get your spinning gear and waders out and hit the banks.

You can use poppers or atomics and cast at 45 degrees from the bank and work the shoreline for some good results (it’s worth the discomfort).

Up the Rivers (only until midnight on Monday 12/6/17 when they close until the long weekend in October) it is producing some great catches. The rain and Snow have spurred the spawn run and the trout are on the move. Glow bugs and nymphs are the preferred fly with a combination of both being the go.

Dennison flats are as usual at this time of year a bit crowded so you need to get in early and get a good spot. Sawyers is starting to produce some big fish with a few 70+cm catches (and released) being touted.

Make sure you rug up over the winter months when fishing in the Snowies as the weather can change in minutes from a sunny (but cold) day to a snow blizzard.

As a good friend of mine always says, “Limit your catch don’t catch your limit”.



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