Nov - 2017

Fishing Report November/December 2017

Well Trout Festival is over for another year and a very successful one at too.

The weather is starting to warm up (not so much the water) and late night or early morning ventures to snag that elusive big brown are not so taxing on the “old bod”.

With early rains and snow melt the lake is rising and sitting above 50%.

This has meant good bank fishing for those not out in a boat. Yens Bay, 7 gates, Old Adaminaby, Tantangara and the Anglers Arm are producing some very nice catches from land based fishing. Worms, Grubs and of cause that “go to” bait power bait are all catching nice sized fish. When rigging Worms or Grubs try using a double hook system with a G-lock worm hook on the end and a number 4 drop shop tied on a running knot (5 to 6 centimetre long) in between the swivel and G lock. A small weight above the swivel and if you are being attacked by yabbies try putting a piece of foam or a bubble float half way along your leader to keep your worm of the bottom. With the rain comes run off into the lake so look for your mud trails and fish the sides, this is where the food source is being washed into the lake so this is where the trout will be looking for that food.

Mudeyes will now be coming into season and will almost guarantee a catch floating a Kuta or Spider Mudeye after dark over weed or near wood is a sure method for getting a feed of trout.

Spinning from the bank is proving successful especially when the water is churning and disturbing the bank and washing food into the lake.

Working a Celter or Atomic Hardz along the shore at a 45 degree angle is the best method for land based spinning.

From a boat a slow drift parallel to the shore and working your lure or plastic from the bank back out should produce fish.

Try dropping a plastic down the side of a tree and working it up and down.


There have been reports of some nice fish being taken on the fly. This will only get better as the weather continues to warm and after the rain we will see some nice hatches.

Mrs Simpsons and Wooly Buggers are the Fly that is being used at the moment but this will change as each hatch appears.


Trolling has and will be the method of choice for most of the anglers on the lake.

Coppermine and Springwood bays have been showing some good results. Josie Crowes and White Rocks have produced some big browns and if fished right will continue to.

Middling bank and The Buckenderra arm are also fishing well with some big browns being caught over trout festival in the Buckenderra Arm.

The boat ramp at Old Adaminaby is in great condition and some really nice fish are caught within in 50 meters of the ramp.

Yellow wing Tassies or Cobras and if you still have any Loftys are the lure most anglers prefer. The “Eucumbene Special” in the Tassie range (the Ampol has this and a full range) has been bringing in fish left right and centre. The Atomic Hardz ranges are proving to be a successful new comer in the lure collection.

Don’t forget the more overcast the day the darker the lure.

At the moment flat lining or using 3 colours of lead line with about a 30 meter leader seems to be the method that is producing a catch.

As the water warms up so your depth of fishing should increase as the trout go deeper to find cool water.

Down Riggers can be used to get your lure to that strike zone depth with accuracy (watch out for that submerged tree).

After the spawn some of the trout are still under weight and a bit skinny, these fish are not worth eating and should be returned to the lake to feed up and grow.

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